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HN White - The King musical instrument Co.
There was a time that the maker of musical instruments  went to great lengths to make their instruments into show pieces. each instrument was built with style in mind. Early instruments were simply engraved with a maker name and city. As competition for customers grew more intense makers searched for ways to make their products stand out in the crowd. Fancy valve caps , water keys and braces  gave personality to early band instruments. Options of silver and gold plating followed. Satin silver with hand burnished accents  brought life to instruments. it wasn't long before the workers that engraved the names on the bells began embellishing their work with flowers, leaves, and scroll work. At we celebrate these artist of musical instrument engraving and their work.
 As time went on Musical instrument makers sought out the talents of European engravers . Makes competed for the talents of the most skilled engravers. Many engravers moved from company to company at the promise higher salaries.

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